Karen Barth attended the  2016 Prophetic Healing Conference  July 7-9 at FountainGate Church, and the Lord blessed her and healed her greatly.  See Karen’s testimony and be in awe at God’s great power…

*Karen Barth was diagnosed with bi-lateral breast cancer in August 2006. In June of 2008 it spread for the first time, then again in 2010, 2013, and November 2015 the cancer spread and formed a tumor on her spinal cord.

Karen writes…“Where do I begin? My last post was in December 2015 after I completed radiation and my lumbar puncture test was negative. 

I guess I’ll start in January 2016.  As a precaution the oncologist put me on a chemo, since we would not know how effective the radiation was and due to the seriousness of the tumor being on the spinal cord, because we wouldn’t be able to do another scan until I was a few months post-radiation.  In May the doctor ordered an MRI to compare it to the one in November. The radiation had shrunk the tumor to half it’s size! We were all excited with this news! Now to even BETTER news…

The first weekend of this month, I attended a healing conference at a local church. On the afternoon of the second day, July 8th, they called forward anyone with cancer so the pastors could pray over them.  While they were praying, I had a vision of Jesus coming off the cross, touching my back and healing my spine; telling me that I am whole.

On July 18th I had a PET scan that revealed the “TUMOR IS NO LONGER APPARENT!” 

What’s amazing about this, is the scan shows all the other areas that have been radiated and refers to them in the report as “stable”…but there is NOTHING where the spinal cord tumor was!

Next month I will celebrate 10 years as a breast cancer survivor. It may be odd to say, but I am thankful for this journey as it has brought me from a religious person, into a relationship with Jesus, my Savior, my Healer…my Everything! Without Him, I am nothing.

Thank you Jesus for what you have done! I am looking forward to the road we will walk together in this life and to spending eternity with You in the next.”


Praise God, He is Good!