01.15.23 Pastor Sandy “Calm in the Storm”

01.08.23 Al Solari “You meant Evil against me, but God meant it for Good”

12.31.22 Pastor Sandy “Keeping your Praise”

12.25.22 Pastor Sandy “Who is Jesus Christ?”

12.18.22 Rev. Janet Shell “Full of Anointing”

12.11.22 Pastor Sandy ” Joy in Suffering”

11.27.22 Pastor Sandy ” Sustaining Grace”

11.13.22 Pastor Sandy ” Series:Confidence – Stand: God is Light

11.6.22 Pastor Sandy “Lost Sons”

10.30.22 Pastor Sandy “Returning Home”

10.16.22 Pastor Sandy “After My Heart”

10.9.22 Pastor Sandy “Two Spirits/Torn Kingdom

10.2.22 Rev. Janet Shell “Dancing in the Storm”

9.25.22 Al Solari “Hearts of Gratitude”

9.11.22 Pastor Sandy “Don’t Fight the Battle”

9.4.22 Pastor Sandy ” Give me a Drink Part 2: Thirst”

8.21.22 Al Solari “Are We All In?

8.14.22 Pastor Sandy “The Power of Forgiveness”

7.31.22 Al Solari “There’s a Way that seems Right”

7.24.22 Pastor Sandy “Take Dominion”

7.17.22 Pastor Sandy “This is how we do It”

7.10.22 Pastor Sandy “Change Agent”

7.3.22 Al Solari – Preparation

6.26.22 Pastor Sandy “I Will Pour out My spirit”

6.19.22 Al Solari “Living as Lambs by Faith”

6.5.22 Pastor Sandy “Empowered by the Holy Spirit”

5.15.22 Al Solari “The Potter’s Hands”

5.8.22 Pastor Sandy “Defining Moments”

4.24.22 Al Solari “Disciples of Love”

4.17.22 Pastor Sandy “Seeing is Believing”

4.10.22 Pastor Sandy ” The King is Coming”

3.27.22 Pastor Sandy ” GOD It”


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